Hello, A Rabbit Called Hope, can you introduce yourself?

A Rabbit Called Hope is the creation of an anonymous artist a.k.a M.O.B. 

Hope came about by accident when I was trying out a new pen in April 2020. Not long after Covid 19 had closed the world for a while.
After a couple of weeks of playing around with the character, the version of Hope that you see today was born. I started to add a few words and began posting little sketches on Instagram around August 2020. Over 1000 posts later, I’m still loving it!

What is your background?

I’m a part-time artist with a love of minimalist design and simplicity in everything.
I live in Somerset, England.

As an illustrator, what do you think of artificial intelligence, such as Midjourney?

I haven’t really paid much attention to it. I think I prefer to focus on what I’m already doing and become the best that I possibly can with that. The world will continue to change regardless.

Where does your artist name come from?

M.O.B.= Ministry of Bunnies

What made you want to get into street art?

The street art happened accidentally.

In the early days, most of my drawings were on stickers. I began exchanging stickers with street artists all over the world. Some of them would stick them around their towns and cities and send me photos.
I never expected that, but I absolutely love it and I’m incredibly grateful to them all.
Now Hopes’ messages can be seen from England to Indonesia.

Can you tell us more about your work process?

These days, almost all of my work is done with spray paint (for the background), acrylic paint (for Hope), and Posca (for the text).

I start by choosing a surface to work on. It could be an empty spray can, drinks can, old cardboard box, or card. I begin by spraying the background colours etc.
Then I draw the outline of Hope in pencil.
After that, I fill the outline with acrylic paint and add the smaller details once that’s dry.
The text is then added at the end.

What message do you hope your art will convey?

A message of hope.
Even when everything seems to be going against you in life, stay hopeful. Good things will come in the end.

You work on various mediums, including canvas, stickers, and spray cans. Would you also like to work with other materials, such as clothing?

I’d love to make t-shirts someday. And maybe a Hope 3D figure.

What advantages and disadvantages do you believe social media gives to street artists?

I don’t think there are any disadvantages just lots of advantages.

Free exposure of your work to a global audience has to be a good thing.

Also, you get to know so many other artists that you would never otherwise have heard about. There’s so much incredible talent out there.

What upcoming projects do you have?

I tend not to plan ahead much, but I do have a couple of collaborations coming up and I’m very excited about them!

Last question: Do you have any film, series, or book recommendations?

I’m currently reading ‘The courage to be disliked’ by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga. I’d definitely recommend it.

Thanks for reading.

You can see my Instagram page at:


Peace, Love and Hope


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